How many calories per day to lose thigh fat quickly

You’ll need to cut back on calories. Stick to a 1,300 calories a day diet. It will help to always check how many calories the foods you eat contain. I use a calorie counter app to check the amount of calories in eat daily. However, just reducing calories is not enough. You’ll want to split the 1300 daily calories this way: 45% from protein, 35% from carbs and 20% from fats. And using a weight loss app like myfitnesspal, you can create your daily goal for 1300 calories, even split them using the formula mentioned above.   Since I really want to help you lose thigh fat – up to 1 inch in 2 weeks, I want to give you a simple fitness plan for 1 week for FREE. You’ll get a weight loss manual, a diet plan for 1 week and a full 18 minutes workout video designed for burning thigh fat! They belong to the fitness expert I follow, Aline Pilani, and they have really helped me  =reduce my thighs 🙂 The weight loss manual will teach you how to combine intense morning workouts and a protein based diet to lose fat on your thighs. And if you are over 55 and you wand a guaranteed plan for losing 13 pounds or more, EVERY SINGLE MONTH, Just Click Here!